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KleenGlass System


KleenGlass Systemô


Is salt water a problem whether or not you are underway?

Are you and your passengers / clients / customers seeing all you want?




Get Your Windows Kleen


Keep Them Kleen





Kleentecís KleenGlass Systemô will remove dirt, salt and mineral deposits that build up on glass over time, adversely affecting the view through marine glass. No matter how much you wash your windows, these build ups can permanently etch the glass reducing your visibility over time. The KleenGlass Systemô will first remove contamination from glass and then applies a micro-thin invisible non-stick polymer coating to the glass creating an impenetrable barrier against the elements.  The final step removes any oily residue in place while the polymer cures on the glass ensuring perfect visibility no matter what.


Our system provides months of worry free visibility through your glass providing you, your crew and best of all your passengers a great view everywhere you go, no matter the weather and sea conditions. Water will simply bead up and roll of your glass, ensuring that the contaminants contained within the water cannot deposit themselves on the glass as previously when the water remained on the glass and evaporated.


You will never be happier than with the KleenGlass Systemô working for you.


Contact Us for More Details - please advise us if you would prefer to be contacted by telephone or e-mail.




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