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Glass Renovator / Polish




This deep cleaner, a component of the Bridge Window Safety System, is used to remove dirt, salt and mineral deposits that build up on glass over time, adversely affecting the view through marine windows. This material generally applied by hand but which can be applied mechanically will pull deep seated contamination out of the glass restoring the clarity required when operating on the water. By following up with the Bridge Window Safety System, there will be no further build up of dirt and salt on glass.


Rust Stain Remover and Degreaser


Kleentecís Rust Stain Remover provides a safe and simple solution to the problem of rust stain removal. Unlike traditional rust removers, our product is a gel that can be applied directly to painted surfaces and after a few minutes simply wiped off or sponged down with water. Not only does it remove the rust but the attached dirt and grease as well. As a gel, it provides greater coverage by volume minimizing wastage. The product is a non-caustic treatment. Prolonged contact with painted surfaces will not attack paintwork. The material is non-hazardous to the human body so can be applied without the requirement for any of the protective gear normally required when removing rust (as with all cleaning products we do recommend gloves be worn when handling the product).

Flexible Spray Hood / Bimini Restorer Kit


The clear flexible plastic panels on spray hoods, dodgers, fly bridge enclosures and biminis are very porous and loses clarity quite quickly. Many micro-scratches appear on the clear plastic from typical cleaning procedures. These factors mean that frequently these panels have to be raised in bad weather just in order to maintain good visibility on the seas ahead. To restore the clarity use our Flexible Spray Hood Restorer Kit. Wash the windows with our Polykleen No. 1 Deluxe Wash. Then apply our Polykleen No. 7 Hand Restorer to restore the clarity of the spray hood and to remove scratches. Then use our Polykleen No. 8 Sealer / Polish to seal in the improvement and to provide water repellency, extending the life of the plastic by a factor of two. To maintain the clarity of the hood, wash the clear plastic with a mix of our Polykleen No. 1 Deluxe Wash and water.


Bow Wave Stain Remover


This product is used to remove staining caused by contamination such as bark pigments in the water that builds ups up on the bow of the boat. It can also be used to remove staining that frequently runs from the vent to the chain locker caused when recovering the anchor. Rub the polish onto the stain gently by hand and buff off with a soft cotton cloth. Use a minimum of pressure to ensure that only the stain is removed.


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